Frequently Asked Questions

What does ‘NOMU NOMS’ mean?

NOMU comes from the phonetically changed term ‘no moo’ indicating no dairy and NOMS is the expressive sound used by The Cookie Monster whilst enjoying a delicious snack!

What makes our NOMS so unique?

By using the highest quality ingredients including Australian macadamias, chocolate containing the expensive & clean ingredient of cocoa butter rather than artificial oils and using plants as colours, we believe we have a flavoursome treat that’s as good for your insides as it is for our planet. Of course, the packaging component of our NOMS adds to this uniqueness.

How Fresh is ‘Fresh Chocolate’?

Many supermarket brands have Best Before dates of up to 24 months. We create small batches weekly with a best before of 12 months. Without the use of artificial preservatives, we are limited to using the technicality of our packaging and batching to capture freshness & withstand temperature transits.

How inclusive is your chocolate range?

As a plant based brand, our chocolates are all dairy free & vegan friendly. We also are all-naturally gluten free! We aren’t nut-free however, as our central focus is on the Australian Macadamia nut and there’s use of other nut ingredients in our vegan chocolate. Many of our lines are soy-free also & many contain certified organic ingredients.

How do I store my NOMS?

Should they last long enough to be stored, we recommend keeping the chocolates in the foil packaging and stored in an air-tight container, preferably in a cool spot and not in the fridge.

What can I do with the packaging once I’ve eaten the pack?

Our compostable foil packaging is designed to be home-composted with your food scraps once it’s completed its purpose. It will return full circle back to the Earth as the plant-based inks aren’t harmful to the ground. At the moment, we are working on partnering with stores for re-purposing the pack so stay tuned for more info!

Are NOMU NOMS products available for wholesale?

Yes! We are newly welcoming stockists Australia wide with a smooth process to select suitable partners aligned with our vision. Please get in touch at and let’s lead the change in sustainable snacking!